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Message started by Defiance on 23.09.2018 at 10:27:42

Title: Cutlass bearing
Post by Defiance on 23.09.2018 at 10:27:42

Good day everyone

I repacked my stuffing gland in March and despite various adjustments the drip when running leaves me with a couple of litres of water in the bilge after 2-3 hours of engine running which I think is too much (let me know if Iím being unreasonable). Now could this be down to having too much wear on the cutlass bearing in the p bracket as I have about 1-2mm play from what I remember? I imagine itís a pain in the arse to change this with dropping the rudder, removing the shaft etc or is there some knack to this job that I havenít discovered?



Title: Re: Cutlass bearing
Post by John Woodhouse on 23.09.2018 at 17:11:09

Hello Nick

Star Trapper will have that amount of cutlass bearing play but virtually no water in the bilge.
Normal cutlass bearing removal procedure is remove propeller, undo grub screws holding cutlass in P bracket then simply drift out, over the shaft.
Only if that runs into problems is rudder removal etc required. Dropping T300 rudder is dead easy. Only one bolt at head of stock holding in place. I have done it single handed using rope to hold in place.
Removing shaft of course requires removal of gear box flange, or remove engine & withdraw shaft backwards. Been there, done that got the T shirt. All good fun!


Title: Re: Cutlass bearing
Post by Defiance on 24.09.2018 at 19:21:09

Thanks John

I think iíll do some more tuning with the stuffing box. Any tips on this would also be appreciated? And whilst I have your attention :) do you have grease doodad linked to the stuffing box? As I do and Iím not sure how much would be considered normal use as Iíve refilled it twice since the beginning this season, approx 50hrs at a guess.

Title: Re: Cutlass bearing
Post by John Woodhouse on 25.09.2018 at 18:51:00

Hello  Nick

I am no stern gland expert & I get Marine Power at Deacons boatyard to do mine - which will have been overhauled perhaps 3-4 times in 45,000 miles & 33 years, ie not that often.
Yes, I have a greaser attached to the gland. Method I was given was take up any slack, then maybe half or one  turn - no more or one is pumping grease into the wet stuff. If serious motoring I will grease every 2/3 hours.
I would say you are using a fair bit of grease.

Title: Re: Cutlass bearing
Post by Paliri on 17.10.2018 at 21:08:24

I get perhaps 500mls for about 4 hours on the motor. I didn't realise yachts (newbie) had greasers. Are they similar to the types used on Narrow boats and where are they normally located? Any idea how much a repack of the stuffing box is?



Title: Re: Cutlass bearing
Post by John Woodhouse on 22.10.2018 at 15:50:55

Palari - on Star Trapper greaser is in cockpit locker adjacent to stern gland.

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