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Welcome to our discussion boards (Read 70372 times)
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Welcome to our discussion boards
14.02.2007 at 08:31:12
Welcome to our discussion board area.

Please read the following, particularly for advice on how to register if you wish to post on the forum. It explains how to overcome some of the common problems people encounter.

The registration is for your  security and ours, to avoid the board being cluttered with spam and reduce the possibility of our email addresses being collected by spammers. Registration is free, your details will never be sold to anybody or used for marketing.

You can read threads without registering, but in order to post you will need to register

If you wish, you can hide your email address from other users, though not from the administrator. However we strongly recommend you go through the options in your profile once you have validated and set it up so that the board can email you regarding topics you are following or private messages. You have to change the defaults in two places from No to yes in order for this to work. This way members can contact each other without knowing your email address. It is a system only open to members and only members who have made four postings so shouldn't give you a load of unwanted mail in your inbox.

Once registered and able to post,  the rest is up to you. You will need to make 4 contributions to existing threads before you can start your own thread or PM another member. This is a security device against spambots.

If you own a Trapper, please add your name and your boat to the list in the appropriate board. just copy the current list into your posting adding your own details at the end. Use your mouse control to do the copy rather than the quote option on the board as this makes the list format much easier to extend. Please remember to update the list if you sell the boat.

Remember to tick the box to enable you to be notified of any replies on any topics that interest you. If you tick this box for each board you will be notified of any new postings as well as replies to existing postings.  Cool

We now have a thread on the general board that offers tips on how to get the best out of the boards, the first topic dealt with is how to post pictures. The board itself has recently been updated to a newer version of Yabb! and now has a help section in the tabs  at the top of the page which you may find useful too.

Although there is no charge for using this website or forum there is a cost to running it. If you actually sell something through these pages then it seems fair that you contribute something towards that cost. There is a paypal donation button to be found in the for sale board area. All donations welcome, no matter how small.

Temp change to membership registration

After a number of problems the current membership system requires admin approval Please send a message to members@trapperyachts.org.uk saying why you want to join and giving your email address and username.


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