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Rope Cutter for a 19mm diameter shaft (Read 2048 times)
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Rope Cutter for a 19mm diameter shaft
18.09.2014 at 22:52:15
Hi Guys,

I am glad to report that I have had a very enjoyable season with my trapper 28 “Hawk Moon”, even saw a Hump Back whale mid way between Northern Ireland and the Mull of Galloway, Scotland,

Things appear to be working well but I have observed a problem with picking up seaweed on my propeller. This has the effect of slowing the speed of the boat and causing the exhaust to “Darken” dramatically.

This happens very frequently and needs to be addressed.  

Details of Shaft and Propeller.
Shaft diameter            19mm
Distance from end of stern tube to forward face of propeller 24mm.
Propeller type:  3 Bladed Propeller RH 12 x 10, (12 inch diameter by 10 degree pitch).

If any body has had any experience regarding Rope Cutters and Trapper 28s (19mm shaft) I would appreciate their input.

Regards, Heber
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