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Sea cocks - replacement (Read 1490 times)
John Woodhouse
Very Old Salt

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Sea cocks - replacement
05.10.2014 at 09:34:52
I have just had all six bronze sea cocks & skin fittings replaced on my 1978 T300 Star Trapper as a precaution. The transducers for log & e/s are modern "plastic" and not affected

I am no metallurgist but basically the bronze dezincs over time & considerably weakens the fitting. Visible signs of this is where the bronze colour has become pink ie  copper showing. When tapped with say a spanner a bronze fitting will have a nice ring. When the sound becomes a dull thud beware.

I have been keeping an eye on deterioration during servicing over recent years & decided I didn't want to risk the English Channel coming through! The stock of wooden bungs remains on standby.

Maybe something to check on any boat of this vintage.

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