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New season launch (Read 1159 times)
Very Old Salt

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New season launch
11.04.2016 at 10:15:31
Hi All,
Bit late this year but tides dictate date of club launching date.
Usual scramble to rig mast as being a lift keel we always are last or near last on to hard.
usual odd hiccups but one in particular someone may be able to help.One of the original Main Marine rope clutch levers 'pinged' out and of course bounced overboard.
Quite like these simple over centre 'toothed cam' type and have previously replaced the slotted bearing sleeves on all using Delrin. Does anyone who may have upgraded to more modern Spinlock or other types still have an old Main lever they no longer require
Other problem is Lewmar  7 winch suddenly failed to lock but as it apears to 'catch' occasionally I guess its a failed spring. Will get new spring and pawl to be safe .
Another chance to lose bits overboard!
This year plan to re tune rig as per Team Sails guide to increase mast rake to get better on wind performance. Currently have 6.5 inch rake determined by max safe forestay adjustment as supplied with new mast couple of years ago. Have extension fitted now so can adjust to greater rake. What rake are you all using? I was thinking of 10 inch being mid point in Team Sails guide whichgives 8 to 10 inches.
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Old Salt

I Love YaBB 2!

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Re: New season launch
Reply #1 - 18.05.2016 at 14:25:43
Hello Paul,

Good to hear you are afloat again. Azurian was launched a few days earlier but circumstances have meant I have only been out twice but last Sunday was a good day out leading the fleet for quite a while till we found a hole in the wind.

Sorry I cannot help you with the clutch lever but they are delightfully simple. I think the mast rake on Azurian is all of the 12 inches it mentions in my copy of the Team guide. I know I went to some trouble to preserve it when I DIY fitted a new forestay for my Furlex. A previous owner had extended the forestay with shackles. Windward performance has always been good and if I do get too severely over pressed the boat will weathercock and round up into wind by itself even if water has been well up the coaming in the process. It's usually my fault for not being attentive enough. I noticed on Sunday's race a Hunter Horizon and a Westerly Fulmar a 100 metres or so to windward had to put in a tack well out into the channel to get round Garrison point back into the  Medway when the TS240 was able to maintain the same tack and get round, so we regained some lost placing.

I think this is one of the delights of this boat in that it can go that bit closer to the wind than many allowing you to sneak round a mark when others need to put in an extra tack - that is how it gets ahead rather than out and out boat speed. They still clobber you on handicap though - 2nd first in actuality 2nd last on handicap.
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