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Advice on sails (Read 1211 times)
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Advice on sails
15.07.2016 at 07:08:25
Hi, When we bought Toucan she had no No2 headsail in her wardrobe. We sail on Southamton water and the Solent and are looking to buy a sail to work with the main as we take in reefs.
I have had various advice from sailmakers but would appreciate any comments from TS owners out there.
Many Thanks
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Re: Advice on sails
Reply #1 - 11.08.2016 at 16:55:40
Hi Brian,

I hung on to separate headsails for years because I was convinced there was a significant performance advantage. With a full crew there probably is but I mainly sail single or short handed and eventually opted for a roller furling sail.

My experience has been that the boat carries quite a sail area for its size which makes it very competitive in light airs but above the top of F3 you need to start making sail changes for quite small increases in wind so that you are down to 2nd reef in the main and working jib by the top of F5. Otherwise and my boat tends to be over pressed  or sailing more on her ear than I find enjoyable if it is at all gusty. Finally one more trip to the foredeck to change down while trusting to the tiller pilot convinced me to go roller.

My actual experience has been I get the boat going faster as I am less inclined to have reduced sail area to avoid a reef later and it is possible to so easily have just the right sail area set. I went to Kemp and they fixed me up with their Cruiser Premium sail and a Furlex roller system. The drum is nice and low on the foredeck so when the sail is rolled right out it is not a lot different to my old No1 deck sweeper. The Furlex 50S cost about the same as a Plastimo but looks a whole lot better than those meccano legs and is easy to DIY fit although it needs a new forestay.

The boat went just as well to windward which is one of the major plus points of the TS240 and I was so impressed I went back for a new main and that has powered the boat very impressively.

Unfortunately I gave all my old headsails away last winter as I just could not see me going back to them.
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