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Portsmouth harbour entrance (Read 2117 times)
John Woodhouse
Very Old Salt

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Portsmouth harbour entrance
10.10.2016 at 19:01:36
Solent sailors will find this of interest:

The new masts are navigation marks specifically installed for the forthcoming arrival of the two Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers.  The green mast will be a directional light, leading the carrier up the main channel, while the yellow piles, which are as of this weekend two lots of three, will when viewed from the harbour mouth, provide a transit to follow showing the centre, right and left hand limits for the harbour mouth.  They have been specifically offset to allow for the offset bridge of the aircraft carrier.  There are other piles elsewhere around the harbour too.  Most of the time, the lights on these piles will be yellow (green for the green pile) lights that flash together, once every 5 seconds, but specific lights at the top will be switched on for the carriers’ entry and exit.

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