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new Season - New Bottom. (Read 1673 times)
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new Season - New Bottom.
29.03.2017 at 16:41:51
Hi All

With this season's launch this Saturday, Nautibuoy is ready to go apart from the usual tidying chores!

Have completed the boat pox repairs and am well satisfied with the result though time will tell if I am right to be so relaxed.

These notes may help others faced with the same problem:
If antifoul has built up to flaking off levels (13 years in my case) Blast cleaning is the best way as it cleans the antifoul off and gives a cleaned surface to the gel coat. Of course it frustrates your blissful ignorance if boat pox is present.
Just beware if you have a TS240 and keel bulb is fairly close to the hull that the blast cleans above the tail of the bulb. I spent ages removing by hand  before realising a flappy wheel in a drill was far easier! Same applies for the trailer support positions,
This year I raised the level of supports by using 4 x 2 (4 vertical with locating plates both sides each end so they could be slide  in / out when hull jacked up.
Originally the idea was to get at lower immersed part of keel by extra 4 inches with bulb lowered as far as possible
I was fortunate that the blast clean 'popped' 99% of the blisters which were mostly around  3 to 5mm across. Weekly pressure washing until mid February allowed brush filling all holes with SP epoxy, a long and boring job!.
This was followed with an epoxy /filler mix using SP and a variety of test mixes. I found this was not as easy as thought as the mixes needed to be very stiff on the u/s and consistency wasn't always achieved. Trial areas soon showed mix with colloidal silica was very hard but a devil to sand (80 grit) with orbital sander so settled on a light filler from Bee Gee.
If I was doing it again I think I might buy pre prepared mix though it is costly!
Did  final 120 grit sanding all over and washed off and allowed to dry
The roller application of the Hempel High Build Epoxy was a dream. Coating in daytime 10 to 12 C deg with nights down to 5 C deg. This is one good product which I found the best deal at Newline Chandlery.
Two good coats used virtually all the 5 litres purchased. It does help to have several painters  - I had three of us each with a long handled 4inch roller and each coat took around 50 minutes allowing for getting the build. We made sure that mixing was accurate using 50p measuring pots from Force 4 which were ready marked with the correct resin / hardener ratio.
Two coats of Hempel Tiger Extra antifoul completed the job. I decided that it wasn't necessary to put another 'tie' coat on as I was within the Hempel overcoating window.

So now I'm hoping for another 13 years before someone else can do it the next time!

Happy sailing 2017/8
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Re: new Season - New Bottom.
Reply #1 - 04.05.2017 at 22:57:21
Hi Paul, sounds like a hell of a job! Am I correct in thinking you've renewed Nautibouy's main at some point? If so, can I ask what it roughly costs and any recommended sailmaker? Thanks!
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