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Dinghy / Outboard storage (Read 141 times)
Paul G
Old Salt

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Dinghy / Outboard storage
08.07.2018 at 18:40:05
Hi all

Hope everyone is afloat and enjoying the amazing weather!
I enjoyed watching online Google-Eye and Crazy Horse going head to head at the RTIR!

Some advice please.
I'm looking to go cruising for a couple of weeks in August & thought it would be fun to take the dinghy and outboard. I currently have the dinghy rolled up on the foredeck, but its a lump and you cant open the fore hatch. The outboard also needs a home.

Where do people store their dinghies / outboards?
Im wary of putting the outboard on the rear rail as I already get water into the cockpit through the drains in any sort of seaway and moving more weight aft won't help.

Paul (Jasta)
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John Woodhouse
Very Old Salt

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Re: Dinghy / Outboard storage
Reply #1 - 28.07.2018 at 15:13:20
Hi Paul

In my X channel days I lashed the dinghy (normally in the 1/4 berth) on deck either aft of the mast or between mast & inner forestay. No problem with fore hatch.
L/raft on board for these jaunts & stored in 1/4 berth.
My o/board lived on stern rail without problem for countless journeys.
Re cockpit drains my port outlet piped to s/b seacock & vice versa. Only time cockpit 'filled' was too many social visitors when tied up.

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