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Worn rudder bolt-through... (Read 102 times)
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Worn rudder bolt-through...
30.10.2018 at 10:30:01
Has anyone experienced this issue; the rudder shaft has a drilling at the top to allow a bolt to attatch the tiller fixings. The drilling on Harlequin is worn at one end so there is play in the tiller itself. Whilst Iím not anticipating failure of the tiller shaft/post, I do find it a mildly annoying that there is a bit of play in the tiller. I have partially resolved the issue by using a bolt with a long enough shoulder to fill the drilling completely, but the wear is such that there is still some play. Should I use some brass shim at the affected end of the drilling or...suggestions gratefully received.
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John Woodhouse
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Re: Worn rudder bolt-through...
Reply #1 - 30.10.2018 at 17:00:44
Nick: had this issue on Star Trapper many years ago - in fact forgotten.
Marine Power at Deacons reamered out hole in rudder stock, & made up new oversize bolt from an old prop shaft. Eazypeazy.
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