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Trapper 500 exhaust system improvements (Read 27 times)
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Trapper 500 exhaust system improvements
15.04.2019 at 12:28:26
This relates to a 10 year old thread -
"Exhaust Muffler"

I recently noticed some deterioration of the rubber exhaust piping leading from the waterlock to the transom through-hull and have decided to replace it.

I have compared my existing system to the Yanmar 1GM10 installation instructions and can see at least 2 shortcomings.

1. A shorter vertical drop from the exhaust elbow to the Vetus LP40 waterlock
2. The exhaust hose rises gently from the waterlock to the transom without a vertical loop. Seawater could easily flow back through.

Possible solutions....
1.The waterlock is currently attached to the bottom of the cockpit locker bulkhead but could be moved sideways towards the prop shaft which would be a slightly lower position. Possibly harder to secure there though.

2. I am considering fitting a Vetus gooseneck - WLOCKT40- to raise the exhaust at the transom and prevent waves entering exhaust.

Does anyone have any advice?
What do other Trapper 500s have?
Is anyone using the Vetus gooseneck? Will it fit? Would a raised loop in the exhaust suffice?

Any help or general comment is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
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