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Ts240 keel height (Read 846 times)
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Ts240 keel height
03.07.2019 at 20:42:07
Hi guys and gals,

I've just brought a very well looked after ts240. It's moored up at her new home at horning "Norfolk Broads" most of the boards should be ok with the draft, but a few of them have a shallow "4ft" depth, now can the keel be lifted slightly to over come this? Will be sailing, not motoring.
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Re: Ts240 keel height
Reply #1 - 05.07.2019 at 10:13:04
Hi James,
Welcome to the TS 240 fraternity!!!
I sail Nautibuoy in Chichester Harbour and am at Dell Quay where it dries out so am well used to using less than full keel. Obviously full keel gives least tipping and least leeway but from half to three quarters keel is perfectly OK. When exploring shallowcreeks even less OK. However in strong and gusting wind beware that the keel clamp/lock won't work on reduced keel. Solution is to reef early and don't leave mainsheet in jammers!!!
However as you get to know your local waters you will find by trial and error your best keel depth.
If racing you will no doubt use max depth you consider safe. Occassional bottom bumping is OK if it's mud. Not recommended for rock/shingle.
Happy sailing,
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