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Covid 19 (Read 630 times)
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Covid 19
28.03.2020 at 22:45:16
Troubling times for the World, and many of the people who have used this board are, like me, not in the first flush of youth.

I've withdrawn from real social contact and with Matthew we now live in our bunker.  We both have health problems that make us more vulnerable so we now rely on deliveries and support by all those that the Government have been dismissing as the low paid and low skilled because apparently if the Government don't pay you much that means you are low skilled.

So lets hear it for the nurses, the doctors, but also the porters, the cleaners, the care workers, the shelf stackers, the cashiers, the posties, the delivery drivers, the warehouse workers, the bin men, the teachers, the school support staff, the sewage workers, the technicians. Everybody that is keeping the place running

Meanwhile my best wishes to all of you wherever you are. Oh and if I don't make it we still need some decent IT types but I'm not the only one with access, though the domain names are only in my name.
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