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Height problem in engine bay after new 1GM10 (Read 63 times)
Seaman Apprentice

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Height problem in engine bay after new 1GM10
01.06.2020 at 13:34:54
Any ideas please?

I had a new Yanmar 1GM10 fitted to my Trapper 300 about 6 years ago, this included everything (prop shaft, mountings etc. etc..  Since then, for a variety of reasons I've not used Aries too much.  However, last year the cutlass bearing needed replacement and in the process, the engineer that fitted it said the prop shaft was badly miss-aligned (engine too low) by about 20mm.  The prop shaft was scored by rubbing on the stern tube and had to be replaced (after 4 years!) and at the same time, the engine mountings were packed up.  This solved one problem but introduced another - now the top of the engine is hitting the underside of the cockpit sole.

Has anyone encountered this problem before after fitting a new Yanmar 1GM10?  

Anyone got any suggestions?

The only idea I have is to fit a Brunton "Sigmadrive" which will allow some miss-alignment  -  any better ideas?

Many Thanks,

Steve Miller
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John Woodhouse
Very Old Salt

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Re: Height problem in engine bay after new 1GM10
Reply #1 - 21.06.2020 at 16:52:48
Hi  Steve
My T300 Star Trapper was refitted with a 1GM10 to replace the original 'horizontal' Y8 Yanmar. Work done about 10 years ago by Marine Power at Bursledon.
Absolutely no problem then or since.
All I can think of: is the P bracket properly lined up?
If you let me have an e mail address I can send some photos.
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