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Trapper 500 Proctor mast parts (Read 94 times)
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Trapper 500 Proctor mast parts
12.10.2020 at 16:19:01

I am looking for replacement parts made for our Proctor mast on a 1980s Trapper 500.
The parts are both aluminium and were probably cast originally.
The first is the mast heel plug at the base of the mast and the second is the gooseneck for fitting the boom.
The mast heel plug is cracked and the mounting hole in the gooseneck is elongated and the mouth of the gooseneck has been opened up.
Please see the attached picture of gooseneck, won't let me post more than 1.

The gooseneck for the boom is from a Proctor furling boom mast fitting, there is a handle on the other side of the mast.
I have been told the parts will have been made by Proctor & Kemp and that they were bought out by Seldens.

The boat is currently demasted for the rigging to be replaced. If we can find spares that would be great otherwise we will have to get the parts fabricated.

Hoping someone may be able to help with possible suppliers.

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