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Depth sounder (Read 393 times)
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Depth sounder
02.08.2021 at 07:06:41
I'm new to the forum so would like to say hello. I recently acquired Scorcher, a Trapper 300 Mk2 which has been a bit neglected so I may have a few questions over the coming months while she is being restored.

My first question is that I've been trying to work out where, or if there is, a depth sounder?

Many thanks
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Very Old Salt

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Re: Depth sounder
Reply #1 - 04.08.2021 at 11:10:05
HI Jayne,

Welcome to the forum, you will get a lot of good advice from the members here and also from searching archive threads.
Depth sounders are usually fitted by the owner as part of all the gadgets and gizmos acquired during ownership.
Do you have a display unit indicating depth fitted in the cockpit?
You may have a fuse/switch on your fuse panel marked depth gauge/sounder etc?
I have a NASA Clipper Duet system which gives me both depth, speed and distance travelled.
The depth transducer is bonded to the hull, mines in the engine bay, and looks like a solid plastic tube with wires into it.
The dimensions are slightly smaller than a toilet roll tube.

If you don't have a display for depth in the cockpit or elsewhere then you probably don't have a depth gauge.

Attach some pics of Scorcher if you can.

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