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Replacing Prop Shaft and P Bracket!!!! (Read 89 times)
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Replacing Prop Shaft and P Bracket!!!!
11.03.2022 at 21:36:37
Hi guys!

Last weekend myself and some inexperienced crew sailed from Cowes, Isle of Wight to Portsmouth Harbour. One of the crew managed to wrap one of the mooring warps around the prop causing my engine to stall and my p bracket to completely disconnect from the hull of my boat.

I immediately lifted Paws In one of Gosports boat yards and assessed the damageÖ. Thankfully no chunks of fibre glass missing from my hull and simply a flush disconnect between the P bracket and the bottom of the boat.  
But on lifting paws I also discovered my prop shaft had bentÖ dam!

So Iím in need of a prop shaft and P bracket! Any ideas on how I should source these items? Or any ideas on the cheapest way to source these itemsÖ

I have a Yanmar YSE 08.

If anyone has any similar stories of solutions I am all ears! Itís a frustrating situation which will definitely require some time and patience but Iím optimistic the situation can be resolved soon.
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